Indian Removal Act

1. On May 28, 1830 The Indian Removal Act was signed into law by President Andrew Jackson. This Act was signed to remove the Indian’s and their tribes from their native lands, because southern states wanted more land. Most people in the south and most all congressman and presidents where in favor of signing this Act.

2. The largest state in the south, Georgia, rationalized why they wanted the Indian Removal Act to be signed. Georgia wanted more land because they were being greedy.

3. The legislation that gave legal merit to this policy was the Indian Removal Act, signed in 1830.

4. After the Act was signed, tens of thousands of Indians and their tribes where forcibly moved west from their native lands.

5. The Indian Removal Act was not an efficient Act. The only reason congress signed the Act to remove the Indians, was simply because the Indians were not American.

If the Indian Removal Act didn’t pass then we would have a whole different type of United States. The Indian people and their tribes would be living in the south. If Indian people where living and going to school with other people in the south, our lives would be changed. I don’t think people would treat them very well. Our society already bully’s other diversities such as African Americans, and homosexual people. If we still had Indians living in the south they might never get rid of their culture, and might still be living in tee-pees. This is a fictional representation of how the United States would be if we didn’t pass the Indian removal act. If President Jackson had not sided with Georgia to remove the Indians, they would still be living in the south.

Hi my name is Ellery, but I go by Elle. I live with my family in Atlanta, Georgia. I am 14 years old, and in the ninth grade. I go to a private school with six of my best friends, who I have known for my whole life. Hansa, one of my best friends, is an Indian. Every weekend all sixth of us will spend the night, and occasionally we go to Hansa’s house. She has pictures all over her house of her and her ancestors. A lot of pictures have men with guns and spears, and a big bison dead on the ground rite beside them. One time we went over there and she showed us the dress her culture wears when they all come together. It is very big, and has a lot of jewelry on it; it also comes with a really big-feathered headpiece. She said sometimes she wears it when she goes over to her grandparents to eat, or for a party. She looks very different then we all do, she has very dark skin, and black hair. My mother told me when I was 10 years old, that the president and congress where going to sign a policy, saying Indians had to be removed from their homes and move westward. She said that if that Act were signed Hansa wouldn’t be my best friend. She also told me that instead of the policy being signed, the president and congress signed a policy saying that Indians couldn’t have the same rights as the white, African Americans, and other culture people. One right they couldn’t have was the right to vote.

Hansa told me that their culture and people don’t have as much rights or freedom as I do. She said that when they came together for a meeting once, they were discussing about rebelling against the government, but they where too scared that they would sign the Act and would be removed from their homes. This is very different than what really happened. In this story Indians live in the south, but have a policy that limits them from having equal freedom and rights as I do. Right now in the real world there are no Indians living in the south, they all live in the west, because the Indian Removal Act was signed.


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