Jacob Riis “How the other half lives”

This picture was taken and published into a book by Jacob Riis. Jacob Riis was an immigrant himself, but was lucky enough to get a job and get back on his feet, unlike the people in this photo. This photo shows how these people where living, in crowded, un sanitary, and over populated areas. In this picture you can see all the dirt in the room and on the walls, and most importantly on the people. It looks as if it is cold outside, because every person in their is wrapped in blankets. It looks like most of theses people in the picture are sick in some way. One disease that was very  common in the slums of New York City, was tuberculosis, or know as the white plague. When Jacob Riis published these photos in “how the other half lives,” it really awakened the weather people in New York. Jacob Riis work helped spark a new approach to reporting called “muckraking” that eventually led to the progressive era, and led to a reform movement tho improve the conditions they are living in.